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Ezzz. Didn't even try. Super ez game

what is wrong with the sensitivity

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It fits the theme nicely. Awesome mechanics and nice level design .

it would be really good if you could increase the jump height

the difficulty level is a little bit too high

Personally i think the difficulty level is to LOW

Oh okay. But level 4 is a little too hard in my opinion. 




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I'm on a tablet not PC so I can't play because you need to download🙁🙁🙁🙁 could you plz put in website so I can play and also can you make it so there's little controls in the corner so android players can play thank you

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This is a game jam game. they get abandoned and are mad quickly. Plus doesnt really cater to android users that much

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Really fun game and awesome idea!

My main problem, which became apparent on the third level is that I start the mouse button press the moment I see I visually have the bow, but for some reason theres a delay, and since the pulling back isn't super obvious I realize a few seconds in that I'm not pulling it back which is valuable lost time. 

The bow gravity thing wasn't a problem for me cause once you learn it (which is quick), imo its fine. 

The other main thing is keeping track of the wall coming in, since turning around to look is valuable time, so having some indicator, or like a togglable backwards cam view kinda like portal has would be helpful in this situation. Also cause its hard to tell when the other player is close to being killed by the wall. 

The main thing is visual feedback, such as sounds and visuals for things like picking up a bow, hitting the button, and interacting with a button. Something as simple as a sound effect can add a lot. The screenshake on the button press feels a bit off and over exaggerated here, and doesn't visually make sense to the button pressing, although it does make more sense as the door moving. So maybe something else for the button, as well as toning down the shake.

The switching is a cool visual and sound effect, but the fact that you can glide/move during the transition, although cool, is not clear or explained, even though it seems quite intentional since you have to use this to your advantage, I would expect stopping the player you just left instead of gliding off camera once you're not longer viewing as them would be better. This also caused me confusion to start with since I would glide into the lava on the character I had left, and then not realize why I had lost, since there isn't any explanation or sound as to the reason you lost, and more so where you lost (if it was the other player)

Other than I really enjoyed the game and liked the intense speed nature of it, nice job!

what's wrong with the sensibility, i'm in 800dpi and the lowest sensibility you can put on the game and its still too high, also, why the need of motion blur? it just makes it hard to see


thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


This games movement feels weird. Other wise cool game.


Managed to beat the whole game!
Tricky, took a fair few tries, and I did neo around the pillar and push "myself" to the finish line on the last level.


I'm not sure it is possible to beat the fourth level, but otherwise great game!

jump to reds side using blue and have them both run across the same walkway


the second level... THE MOTHERF****NG SECOND LEVEL

7z is great BT

give him 100k

I hate you so much because of the second level.. (jk, jk)


good game, but pretty buggy

Just pushed update v1.2. Should make stuff a little better


wht is the sensitivity so high?


Interesting concept, but honestly I just could not get past the second level. I'd either accidentally hit restart (yeah I know), or would die in the lava pit due to velocity. When I did get the bow, the target was practically unreachable. Also, the bow physics feel very... off. Like there's not enough gravity. They feel floaty and don't seem to go where I want them to.

Other than that, it's fine. Good job, Barji!

Woo! New Barji game!

The game doesn't currently have a framerate cap, on Sunday (when the jam ends) I'll push a build to fix that. So if your GPU usage is high it's due to that. One temporary fix it is to cap your framerate using shadowplay/Radeon :)