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Grapple! Is a speedrunning parkour game made in 1 month as a challenge by Barji.

The goal is simple: Be the fastest around the course. Grapple! features not only a grappling hook but also a glider! You can grapple with left click and glide with right click. 

With a 1 month deadline comes bugs… lots of bugs…

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
Tagsgrapple, grappling-hook, Parkour, Speedrun


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Grapple!_1.0.zip 228 MB
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Grapple!_1.0_MAC.app.zip 237 MB


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it says application can't be opened (im on mac btw)

this game is also on steam but steam version is vorse

I haven't played the game yet, but your original idea of jumping to other planets gave me some ideas.

how do you just unzip it

how do i play the game after downloading

make the scroll wheel so u can pull yourelf in with the grapple hook

he did try hard to make the game so..

how do I get rid of the black borders on the side of my screen?

get a new monitor or somehow turn on borderless mode


eyo, Can someone race me?




thats a donation, read things before u pay


lol, bozo

you didn't need to pay, it's optional

It says name your own price. You didn't have to pay for the itch.io version, you could have just clicked bring me to the downloads.

Maybe if you could read you wouldn't have to pay

this is good

how do you change the graphics of the game?

Excuse me if there is a spelling error, I am using a translator, is there a difference between the steam version and the itch.io version?

yes there is, barji released grapple on steam on march 21 2022, this version on itch.io is an older version

and also the better version

Not really apart from he made the graphics better on the steam one and added VR support.

This is using 70% of my rtx 3060 ti

it doesnt let me download it



movement doesn't feel right

ayo Barji whats the system requirements


The glider doesn't feel right. When you activate it, no matter what angle you're moving in, the glider just keeps you going in that angle. For example if you are starting to fall downwards at a steep angle and you want to catch yourself with the glider so you can go just a little bit further, too bad. You'll just keep falling in that angle and you're screwed. The glider should have like a designated angle that it starts out moving in regardless of whether you're falling at a 45 degree angle or a 25 degree angle. Oh right, there also should be a quit button in the main menu.

is it possible to add custom controls cause i'd love for gliding to be left shift.

wow, that is a lot of complaints.

grappling is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow................


How do you play the game after you download it?


You probably have to unzip the file

extract the things in the zip file


Please make the game free.


it's already free just click "take me to downloads"



it is already free


Can you add source code somewhere for mod creating.


graphics options please


Unplayable because of lag


thats a you problem man

its not my fault if a game doesnt have graphics settings


Should have had graphics options, cant play it...

Deleted 1 year ago

yall computer sucks

who asked switchluka


broken i am stuck in ain menu

Haven’t played it yet but looks fun to play, also can’t wait for the steam release :D

dope game, though the last desert level is insanely easy compared to the rest of the desert

(1 edit)

im on linux and when i load the first level i see this. Please help (edit: it does this on every level. i also tried to delete the game and unzip it again)

Did you download the linux version? if not its on the page to download the linux version

great game, the 2nd and 3rd worlds feel a little too hard IMO, but otherwise its fun and a great game to just casually screw around


on mac it says that the download is damaged and can't be opened

(1 edit)

There's an app called "Keka". It tricks your computer into thinking that the app you unzipped is a trusted app. I use it all the time, it really helps

EDIT: This seems to be a different error. Try downloading with Safari instead of Chrome, see if that helps.

I enjoyed the game. I got stuck on the bridges and mushrooms of the first world, and could not finish lvl 8 at all! The goal is just to high up. For some reason the upwards momentum just stops. I got 2 close calls, but to no avail. You can check the whole gameplay here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1084993502

Its hard but possible! You have to use the glider to maintain upwards momentum at the end: https://www.speedrun.com/barjis_grappler/run/ywk30ppy

yeah, I beated the level a while ago after seeing a speedrun of it. But I would never think that a glider could maintain upwards momentum


None of the textures loaded and you didn't add an exit button so I had to use task manager to exit.


may I present to you Mr.ALT-F4


AMAZING game well done !!!

You forgot the graphics options XD

got this from your video. Thank you.

(7) Making A Commercial Parkour Game! - YouTube

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