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is it possible to add custom controls cause i'd love for gliding to be left shift.

wow, that is a lot of complaints.

grappling is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow................


How do you play the game after you download it?


You probably have to unzip the file

extract the things in the zip file


Please make the game free.


it's already free just click "take me to downloads"




Can you add source code somewhere for mod creating.


graphics options please


Unplayable because of lag


thats a you problem man


Should have had graphics options, cant play it...


same its so laggy if your reading please add graphics options.


yall computer sucks


broken i am stuck in ain menu

Haven’t played it yet but looks fun to play, also can’t wait for the steam release :D

dope game, though the last desert level is insanely easy compared to the rest of the desert

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im on linux and when i load the first level i see this. Please help (edit: it does this on every level. i also tried to delete the game and unzip it again)

great game, the 2nd and 3rd worlds feel a little too hard IMO, but otherwise its fun and a great game to just casually screw around


on mac it says that the download is damaged and can't be opened

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There's an app called "Keka". It tricks your computer into thinking that the app you unzipped is a trusted app. I use it all the time, it really helps

EDIT: This seems to be a different error. Try downloading with Safari instead of Chrome, see if that helps.

I enjoyed the game. I got stuck on the bridges and mushrooms of the first world, and could not finish lvl 8 at all! The goal is just to high up. For some reason the upwards momentum just stops. I got 2 close calls, but to no avail. You can check the whole gameplay here:

Its hard but possible! You have to use the glider to maintain upwards momentum at the end:

yeah, I beated the level a while ago after seeing a speedrun of it. But I would never think that a glider could maintain upwards momentum


None of the textures loaded and you didn't add an exit button so I had to use task manager to exit.


may I present to you Mr.ALT-F4

AMAZING game well done !!!

You forgot the graphics options XD

got this from your video. Thank you.

(7) Making A Commercial Parkour Game! - YouTube


Grapple hook kinda bad.


Well there's an unpopular opinion! Cheers for the feedback


pretty much



I'm unable to play the Mac version on the latest macOS. First it tells me there's a permission error:

If I fix that but changing the permissions so I should be able to run it, it then tells me it's just broken:

download it on the desktop app, it works there

Not anymore

It just if you start up it insta crashes

I feel like the Glider cooldown is a little long but the more you play it gets a better understanding. Like the graphics and gameplay though. Level 7 and 8 felt to tightly compact and cannot move around the obstacles very well. 


It would be helpfull to add a close game button


alt f4 lol

adding it in unity is literally 1 line of code:

public void Quit() { Application.Quit(); }

if you add that in a script conected to the ui canvas thingy and then select the Quit function as the button onclick function, now you have a quit button


I couldn't play the game! I recommend adding quality options because it lagged as heck


Love the game so much could you maybe add some more levels. pls.


wait can i run this on an amd a6 dual core laptop w 4gb ram?


Try it! If your pc blows up I'm not liable.



please add the ability to change the graphics settings

when I opened my potato toater just crashed

I am gonna see if it runs on 10 fps on my portable microwave.

i think i can run this on my flip phone :l


Hey Barji, the MacOS version doesn't work. It says not a valid zip file through desktop, and then this comes up when I try unzipping with file archiver (the inbuilt macOS one) and a similar error on Keka (another one for non-Zip files) 




not downloaded yet, but seems fun! I will surely download it soon! I also rated it 5 stars cause it seems cool!


not cool dude, rate a game after you've played it


I love the gliding feature but never felt like the glider had much impact. Sometimes I forgot it was there.


it’s much more useful for the later levels. Thanks for the feedback, I hope you enjoyed anyway.