Welcome to Wind-Up Racing, a game created in a week by Barji and PolyMars for the 2020.2 Brackeys Game Jam!

Join Sigmoid & Digmoid in their quest to become the first aliens to win the interplanetary racing championship with a wind-up car! Sigmoid, the smarter and stronger alien brother, is in the pits and must wind up the car each time it runs out of charge. But, because Digmoid can't be trusted as the driver, Sigmoid must also steer the car using a remote alien transmitter. Although the other racers don't have this handicap, they're still using earthly vehicles... so they shouldn't be too hard to beat.

How to Play

  • When in range of your UFO, hold the left mouse button to wind it up. 
  • While the UFO is charged, you can steer it using the remote transmitter located near the starting line. Press the left mouse button within range of the remote to take control of the car, and steer it using and or the left and right arrow keys.
  • Press the space bar to jump across fences and quickly move between the UFO and remote. Complete three laps as fast as possible, competing against the other cars and yourself for a best time!

Known Issues

  • The audio is fine in-game but doesn't work properly in the menu.
  • There are minor animation glitches on objects attached to the UFO, most notable in the menu.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsBarji, PolyMars
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Aliens, barji, brackeys, jam, Physics, polymars, ragdolls, Short


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Why all the hate?? This was PolyMars' first 3D game!!

it is the ragdols not the 3d part

this game sucks and is broken and I hate the ragdolls.


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Sadly the contols of your car arent very good

yes i agree with that

me too


(1 edit)

yay so much fun :) 10/10

the only downside is that the ui is messed up.

Very interesting idea and fun to play.  Just a few bug fixes.  In one game, It said I was in 5th place, so I relapped all the AI, but it still said I was in 5th place.  Also, the AI cars get stuck on the fences occasionally.  In one game, all the AI cars were immobile as they were stuck on the fence.  Also, maybe make Sigmoid kinematic when he is controlling the UFO becuase I accidentally pushed him and had to walk double the distance to wind the UFO once.


Nice looking game.

will soon play it.

i request you to play my game too.


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